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Out of all the games available at a casino, it can not be denied that Blackjack is the most iconic game of them all. You see it everywhere, not only in the casino, but in pop culture as well. The game, also known as twenty one, is fairly easy to understand, even by newcomers who had never touched a card in their life. It is a comparative card game that is played between the player and the dealer, whoever gets the largest number wins, and if the total amount of your hand exceeds twenty one, it’s a bust; if it is equal to twenty one, then it is a ‘blackjack’. You see it everywhere on TV, played by famous actors in famous TV shows, from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest released in 1975, to Blackjack 21, a 17 episode TV series released in Japan and revolves around the game. The Urban Twist had deemed Blackjack a game that is 


Mysterious, yet attractive. Rich, yet accessible. Demure, yet provocative.’


Indeed, the game is a classic. Not only is blackjack not as complex to learn and play as, say, poker or baccarat. It is also very skill demanding especially in terms of strategizing, reading opponents, and risk calculation. The game is designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore players alike, whether you are looking to socialize with friends and have a good time, or you are a player seeking to challenge and climb out on top as the best gambler in your area, blackjack is the most suitable game for you to play. Blackjack is especially prominent within the Chinese community, chinese gamblers would always find an excuse to play blackjack with their closed ones, whether it be during festive seasons, small family gathering, or just a casual night out with friends. Personally, I have grown up playing Blackjack myself. I remember playing with my cousins every Chinese New Year, even until today we have managed to keep this tradition up, it is an experience that we will look back fondly in the future.


Blackjack comes in a lot of variants. In some parts of the world, you will see people playing Spanish 21. It comes with liberal blackjack rules, such as doubling down any number of cards, rescue or surrender options, payout bonuses for five or more card 21s, and allowed late surrender. You might also have heard of 21st Century Blackjack, more commonly known as Vegas Style Blackjack. Prominent online game creator company Switch Studios had just released a new game that is based on this. In this form of the game, a player bust does not always result in an automatic loss, and he or she is still allowed to push if the dealer busts as well, although this rule usually depends on which casino you are playing with; and the dealer typically has to bust with a higher total as well. 


We are knowledgeable about Blackjack because we have a deep passion and adoration for the game, and we wish to spread the joy of playing Blackjack to the world. This is why we have created this blog dedicated to Blackjack and other forms of live table games available in the casino. We are a team of gambling enthusiasts, gamers, writers, reporters and professionals looking to create a platform that writes about tips and tricks concerning Blackjack. We do this with the intention of helping you build your online gambling career the best we can. The tips and tricks that we provide all come from veteran players who have been dwelling in the online casino world ever since it has become a thing. Our gaming guides range from the very basics, to advance tips for players at the intermediate level, you are also allowed to use the tricks that you learned here and employ them on other card games as well. We have tips given by professionals in the industry, athletes that are involved in poker tournaments among many others. We love gaming just as much as you do, this is why we are constantly researching the best ways to play them. 


At this blog you can catch the latest news about Blackjack, whether it be about new game releases, new online casinos to check out, or the ongoings of the Blackjack tournament scene. We bring you interviews from professional players, experts and gambling enthusiasts, we love to talk about players’ experience and opinions about the game, and hope that through this blog we can also create a platform for player discussion.


We especially enjoy playing Blackjack online, the freedom and the ease of access that come with it is unparalleled by playing in a land based casino. We understand that in the online world, choosing the right online casino and the right games to play can be an overwhelming experience. This is why we are dedicated to checking out all of the blackjack games, sites and platforms and review them for you! We hope that by doing so we can help you filter out the good blackjack tables from the bad ones, and reliable online casinos from the untrustworthy ones. It is crucial that players learn how to differentiate between a reliable and an unreliable online casino, to us, the traits that define an online casino not only includes the quantity and quality of games, but the ease of access of said casino as well. Not to mention casino security, which is a key factor in determining user safety, privacy and information security. When we review online casinos, we tend to take all of the aforementioned traits into consideration.


Are you interested in joining us? Have any feedback for us? Visit our contact us page to find out the ways you can communicate with us. We accept emails, calls, messages from whatsapp, wechat or you can even open a live chat lobby with us on our website. We would very much love to hear from you because only you can help us understand the community’s demands and questions.