Best Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Best Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Awesome Blackjack Tips to Win

Blackjack, one of the games that are played in casinos regardless of where you are or whichever country you are in. It is a very common game due to how easy it is to learn to play this game. The rules are simple, get your card values to 21 and just make sure not to exceed 21. Many people tend to underestimate this game as it sounds simple without realizing that there are many blackjack tips and tricks that can be applied to the game which will help increase the chances of winning. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that are sure to help you win more in the long run!


Soft vs. Hard Hands

In Blackjack, a soft hand is a hand that does not have an ace in it while a hard hand does. Why does this matter? Because an ace can have a value of either 1 or 11, a soft hand will not bust on your first hit whereas in a hard hand it is likely that your first hit will bust. This means that soft hands are better to have than hard hands.


Insurance? NO.

There are many things in life that you should insure, as your ex high school friend who is now an insurance agent has probably already told you countless times. However, opting for insurance in a Blackjack game is a bad idea. The dealer has a 4/13 chance of getting a Blackjack, and even if this unfavorable odd does happen, the player will only break even as an insurance bet only pays out 2 to 1. In the long run, this will definitely cost you a lot.



As a simple rule of thumb, aces should always be split and a hand of two 10s should never be split. A hand with two 5s should not be split as well, as the chances of getting two bad hands is doubled.


Stay Away from the First Base Seat

Always try to avoid the first seat and go for seats that are further down. As your turn will not be first, you get more time to analyze and decide what to do depending on the cards you get as well as the dealer’s up card.


Online Blackjack

Blackjack doesn’t have to exclusively be played in real life casinos, playing it online can be just as good or even better depending on your preferences. You can do it at the comfort of your home without even getting out of your bed and without accruing additional expenses like transportation fees to the casinos or even accommodation fees if the casino is far away and you decide to stay a night. Online casinos also offer great bonuses as well as offering demo games for players to try out before actually playing with money. Scr888 is an online casino that you must try if you are into online gambling, with great bonuses and free demo games, there is no reason not to use it especially when the download is free!



Keep these tips in mind the next time you play Blackjack and make sure to apply them. You will be surprised how much your odds of winning are increased! In the long run, you will be guaranteed increased winnings if you stick to these tips and tricks. If you can’t wait to play now, wait no more and download Scr888 for free!


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