me88 VIP Program- Why You Should Join

me88 is one of the most popular casinos in Eastern Asia, thanks to its wide variety of games and excellent customer service. Besides the quality of games, this online casino also has several promotions and bonuses. One of the promotions they are currently running is their VIP program. This is a unique program that anyone can join to get special offers that the rest of the website users do not have access to.

In today’s article, I will share everything you need to know about me88’s VIP program, how you can join it, and why I recommend joining it.

Let’s dive in!


About VIP Program at me88 Casino

The VIP Program at me88 is one of the most generous promotions you will find on any online casino in this region. It comes with many mind-blowing benefits that any player who wants to enhance their playing experience needs to have access to. The good news is joining this program is pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of money to be part of this program.


Membership at me88 is divided into five different categories that include the following;

  1. Silver

This is the default membership category that everyone who deposits money for the first time is put under. So, the qualification to be under this category is only a deposit of any amount you wish to get started with. Users under this category have the usual membership benefits that everyone using this online casino has.


  1. Gold

This is the first category for a VIP membership requiring deposits of at least MYR 100,000. When you make this deposit, your account will be automatically added under the Gold VIP category, and you will start getting all the VIP benefits that members in this category have.


  1. Platinum

It is the third-highest level for VIP members. Entering this category requires making a minimum deposit of at least MYR 300,000. So, whether you are under the silver or Gold category, your account will be automatically added to the Platinum VIP members after making this minimum deposit or the minimum tier upgrade amount.  


  1. Diamond

Members under the Diamond VIP category enjoy more benefits while using the website than those under the Silver and Gold Membership categories. To become a Diamond VIP member, you must invest at least MYR 500,000. You can upgrade your membership to Diamond at any time as long you make the minimum deposit.


  1. Royal

This is the highest-end category under the VIP membership programs. Users under the Royal category will obviously enjoy the most benefits while using this platform. Minimum deposit of MYR 800,000 is needed to join the Royals. So, if you are looking for the best online casino experience while playing at me88, this is the VIP membership you will need to join.

To stay part of these programs, you will be required to renew every month. The minimum deposits you will need to make to renew your VIP membership are as follows; Platinum – MYR 150,000, Diamond – MYR 250,000, and Royal – MYR 400,000. Members under the Silver and Gold categories do not need to renew their membership.

Now that we know the requirements for being part of any of the above VIP membership categories Let’s look at some of the benefits you will enjoy over the ordinary members of me88.



Benefits from me88 VIP Membership

  •         Priority customer support

 Each member under the Platinum, Diamond, and Royal category has a designated support team member that attends to them whenever they have an issue using any of the services that me88 offers. Faster responses and more targeted assistance are the result of this change.


  •         Higher withdraw limit per day

If you want to withdraw more than MYR 50,000 in a day, you need to be on any of the VIP programs that me88 offers. The maximum limit for the different categories is as follows: Gold – 60,000, Platinum – 80,000, Diamond – 100,000, and Royal – unlimited.


  •         More transactions within a day

VIP members under the Platinum, Diamond, and Royal categories can do 15 or more transactions in a day. Royals can do any number of transactions within a day without any limitations. Platinum and Diamond members are allowed to do up to 15 transactions per day.


  •         Special rebate rate

With the VIP programs, you will get up to a 1.00% rebate rate depending on the VIP category you subscribe to and the type of games you choose to play. Having a high rebate rate gives you more chances to win big on this platform, so take advantage of it if you can. VIP members also have a weekly rescue bonus of up to 8.0% compared to the ordinary members’ 1%.


  •         Bigger gifts and treats

You can earn up to MYR 1288 birthday and tier upgrade bonus when you are under me88’s VIP program. Royal members are also entitled to a special birthday gift on top of the huge birthday bonus. Some of the special birthday gifts that me88 offers include; smartphones, high-end watches, and many more.



Final Verdict

VIP programs offer many benefits that anyone looking for a great gambling experience cannot afford to overlook. The good news is me88 offers different VIP membership programs with different requirements. This makes it possible for users with various budgets to join the program without straining a lot.

What matters most is to get started. You can always upgrade to a higher tier whenever you are already. The Platinum category is the ideal VIP program that I would recommend getting started with if you want to get significantly better benefits than ordinary members. For those looking for the absolute best experience, the Royal category is what you need to join. Register a me88 casino account now!



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