The Best Baccarat Strategy

The Best Baccarat Strategy

Best Baccarat Strategy You Should Use

It does not require that you acquire advanced skills to play baccarat. However, you need luck and determination. The game can be played by placing your bet on the player, bank or tie. Baccarat is one of the casino games in which the player has no control over the events. All they need to do is to choose the side and wait for the outcome. Even though, you should have a winning strategy. The best baccarat strategy is to do the following:


The Best Baccarat Strategy
The Best Baccarat Strategy


Understanding the numbers

Before you play baccarat, it is vital that you understand the numbers. The house has the lowest edge and the banker has a 1.4% advantage. So the chances of winning are slightly lower than the chance of the bank winning. In essence, a player has 44.62% that they will win the game. The banker has a 45.85 % chance of winning. Of course, ties are rare but they happen. So both the house and the player have a 9.53% of tying. Overall, when you combine the tie and the win, the house has a 51% of winning.


Know the odds in baccarat

At a mini table, the minimum bet is $25 while the larger table is $100. So if you do not have a lot of capital, you will be better off choosing the mini table. On the other hand, you would lose a lot if you choose to play the larger table. So the strategy is that if you are short of money, choose the mini table. But if your capital is abundance, the larger table will give you better results. Similarly, avoid placing your bets on a tie. It can result in heavy losses. That aside, the odds of a banker winning are higher than that of a player or a tie. The reason is that it is only after placing the player’s hand that the banker’s hand is determined. But you will lay a commission of 5% if you choose the bankers hand.


Count the cards

The banker will always win in slightly over half the games. So counting the cards and the number of games the bank has won could help you decide whether to go by the popular method or not. Also, it is important to remember that there is little you can do to alter the odds. However, the counting method could help you to decide where to place the bet.


Remember the hand played is independent

Baccarat is a game of chance. So each game is new and the results will not be influenced by the result of the previous game. But you need to avoid a few things that can reduce your odds. For instance, don’t start betting before you master the rules. Second, always check the minimum bets before you make up your mind to place your bet. Third, place a bet after a tie since ties hardly occur in consecutive games. It only occurs once after 9.5 hands. Lastly, don’t continue betting even after the planned time has lapsed. Even when on a winning streak, halt your bets as soon as your planned time is up.


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