Top 3 Worst Blackjack Tips

Top 3 Worst Blackjack Tips

The Worst 3 Blackjack Tips You Should Avoid

Blackjack, one of the most well-known gambling games in the world played in both virtual and real-life casinos all around the world. The game seems simple and easy to understand as the goal of the game is simply to try and get to 21 without going over. Many people underestimate how important it is to learn and understand strategies when it comes to a game like Blackjack and how much it can help a player improve their odds against the dealer. Many sites and blogs out there offer strategies and blackjack tips in improving one’s Blackjack game, however, not all the tips offered are as good as one might think. Compiled here are three of the worst tips that one could follow while play Blackjack, make sure not to sabotage your own game by applying these tips in your game and ruin your winning chances!


  1. Insurance – Do not even entertain that thought!

For those who don’t know, there is an option in Blackjack called insurance that can be taken by players if the dealer shows an ace. Players can bet half of the initial bet they made to insure themselves against the possibility of the dealer getting a Blackjack. This insurance bet pays out 2 to 1, meaning that even if the dealer so happens to get Blackjack, the player will only break even. If the player who took insurance gets a Blackjack himself, the player will only win back the initial bet he made. Most Blackjack games pay 3 to 2, some pay 6 to 5, and opting for insurance is just a losing strategy no matter how you see it in the long haul. There are many things that you should insure in life, but in Blackjack, avoid it like the plague!


  1. Do Not Split Your 10s!

Bad idea! It is absolutely a bad idea to be splitting your 10s when you have a hand of 20 which is very good. Splitting an almost guaranteed winning hand into two hands does not mean you double your chances of winning, as a matter of fact, it might just mean you lose twice instead! This is a common move made by people whenever their greed gets the better of them as they think that splitting their hand might double their chances of getting a Blackjack when as a matter of fact it is way more likely that they will get two inferior hands. While there is a possibility of that, in the long haul, players will end up losing more than the Blackjacks they get in the long run. Make sure to avoid this mistake at all costs!


  1. When to Not Stand

To stand in Blackjack means to keep your cards as is and end your turn without hitting a new card. Basically, the rule of thumb is when your cards have a value of less than 16 and the dealer shows a value of 7 and higher, do not stand. This is because in such situations, the probabilities are not to your advantage, and in the long run this will definitely results in more losses than wins for you. Many players make this common mistake for fear of busting without realizing that standing in these situations just almost guarantee a loss instead. Slowly but surely your cash pile will diminish in the long run if this mistake goes on.



Many sites give tips to improve in Blackjack, but this article gives you tips on what should be avoided to minimize your losses. With this newfound knowledge, it is time to head to the casino – virtual or real life and start putting them to good use! You can also try out online casinos such as Mega888 where you can play free demo games to practice your skills before playing in real games. The best part? The download is free!


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