Using Advanced Blackjack Strategy 

Using Advanced Blackjack Strategy

Using Advanced Blackjack Strategy 


Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most popular card games in the world. A vast majority of players who step foot into any casino, are probably there for blackjack. The popularity of blackjack is attributable to many reasons, with the main one being that it is easy to pick up and it is quick in its rounds. Now, being such a popular game at the table, some may wish to master it to bring them wealth in the casino tables. Furthermore, blackjack being a simple game would mean that many would already have mastered its basics. 


We assume that if you are reading this article, you probably have already mastered the basics of blackjack, but if you have not, there are plenty of articles which you can head towards, in order to gain those knowledge. On the other hand,you think you have mastered the basic rules of blackjack, do feel free to carry on with this article, as it will teach you great methods on how to improve your hand in blackjack. 


It is no surprise that blackjack strategies can be very complex and complicated. Once a player is familiar with the basic rules of blackjack, they may be interested to start learning advance strategies and methods, for example, card counting. This article is here to introduce you to the basics of card counting. 


  1. Land Based Casinos vs Online Casinos

It is to no one’s surprise that online casinos are booming in numbers in this modern day and age. Many have opt to play at an online casino as opposed to a live casino, no many reasons. Whilst some of you might think that card counting is something that can only be carried out at a live casino and that it is not possible at an online casino, we are here to tell you otherwise. As long as you know the tips and tricks to it, there is nothing to stop you from using the same card counting method at an online casino. 


Card counting is no doubt possible at an online casino. However, one might encounter issues with card counting at an online casino and hence doing it in a live casino is likely to be more successful, for many reasons. For example, it is likely that a person can focus better at a live casino to keep an eye on what other players are doing. 


By the way, we have collated the top 3 Online Blackjack casinos, if you would like to try it out : 

  • VegasHero 
  • Genesis 
  • Omnislots  


  1. What is Card Counting? 

We would say that Dustin Hoffman/Tom Cruise’s film Rain Main has quite an accurrate portrayal of card counting. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the movie, in the movie, Cruise discover his brother’s skill for observation and capitalised on his skill and ability by heading out to the Strip to monetize this ability. 


However, in real life, you wouldn’t need any ‘special talent’ to be able to succeed in card counting. All you need is simply knowledge, experience, practice and focus. 


So what is the concept behind card counting blackjack strategy? Many people think that they will need some ‘special talent’ or months or even years of training to be able to master in card counting. However, truth is that you do not need any of those, what you need is simply to focus and to do some simple maths to be able to rely on it. This is easy to understand and also easy to pick up. 


There are a few types of card counting. However,  all of them have the same basis. So what is the most important thing when it comes to counting cards in an accurate manner? The key is simply to keep track of the ratio of high to low cards in the deck: 

  • When the deck shows many high-value cards (these are, for example, tens and aces), it is beneficial to the player; 
  • When the deck shows many low-value cards, it is better for the house. 


  1. Hi-Lo Counting System

This is the most common blackjack strategy. Based on this system, the player assigns a minus value to high cards, a positive value to low cards ( 2 – 6) and a neutral value to other cards. What the player must then is to observe the movement of every card and to keep count of the deck using a scoring format, the most common one being as below: 

  • LOW CARDS (2 through 6) +1
  • MIDDLE CARDS (7, 8, 9) 0
  • HIGH CARDS (10 through Ace) -1


What we are trying to do is simply to determine the ratio of high to low cards which still remains in the deck. Based on the cards that has been dealt i.e. the cards which are no longer in the deck, if there are more high cards, it benefits the house and vice versa. 


  1. Other types of Card Counting 

Though the High-Low Counting System is the most commonly used one, there are other blackjack strategy of doing card counting as well. Each of these claim to offer an accurate reflection of the betting potential in the deck. Despite their differences, each of them work on a similar basis, which is trying to keep count of the deck to decide the moment which is most favourable to the player. Some examples of other card counting methods are as below: 

  • KO: The main difference between this method and the high low counting system is that 7’s are worth +1 as opposed to being treated as a neutral card in the above method;
  • OMEGA II : This method offers another slightly modified scoring system. Here, 4, 5, and 6, are worth +2 whilst 10, J, Q, K are worth -2 and Aces are worth 0;
  • HAVES: Similar to the above 2, it also offers a different scoring system. Here, 2 and 7s are forth +/5, 5 is worth +1 and 9 is worth -5


So now here comes the most important question – which one of these is the best ? 


This is a question that has no universal answer to it, it all depends on the player himself or herself. He or she probably stands more to gain, in the event if he or she uses a technique or a card counting system that they have a full understanding of, and that he or she can fully utilise and implement the system at an expert level. This is so if we compare it to a card counting system which might be more accurate, but is less familiar or fluent to the player himself. Therefore, the player should make a wise decision when it comes to deciding on the card counting system to rely on because otherwise it may lead to the player losing a lot of money! 


Now that we have given you the basics of card counting system, methods, its pros and cons, you may want to head to the next section, where we will conclude our introduction to advanced blackjack strategy. As it is safe to say that no one method is perfectly easy, in the next section we will be looking at the tactical challenges of card counting. 


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